Beard Meats Food

With Beard Meets Food having a huge following on his YouTube channel, it was interesting when he got in touch to ask for our help in creating and producing a music video for him! We couldn’t wait to get started and despite lockdown restrictions, we managed to create something that definitely stood out from his usual online content.

What the client had to say

‘Josh and his team are my go-to solution for any kind of video, marketing or creative content production work. They offer a dependable, experienced and competitive service; and as a content creator with an engaged audience of over 1.3 million, they’re the only team I’d trust to deliver my creative vision. Aside from the skill Get Your Media possess in bringing an idea to life on screen, their communication is second to none, they work promptly, diligently and with integrity. I look forward to making use of their services on many video production projects in the future.’

Adam Moran - AKA Beard Meets Food


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