About Get Your Media

Get Your Media is a video production company based in Leeds. We work with brands, businesses and creatives to produce high quality videos that make our clients stand out online.


Every project starts with an idea.

Most of our clients have an initial idea, however sometimes this needs a little development, and we are happy to help bring this vision to life. We discuss the purpose of the project and where it fits in your marketing goals.

From there we can help bring the story to life to achieve the desired results. We work closely with our clients to develop a concept to ensure our ideas are aligned, we can then start scripting & planning to bring this to reality!


It’s all in the planning.

We work with you, the client, to carefully plan and organise all the details prior to a project starting to ensure everything runs smoothly. We help with logistics, locations, crew, castings, voice-overs, music and equipment to guarantee peace of mind for everyone involved.


Lights, camera, action!

The shoot is the most exciting part of the whole process. We work on a variety of projects that all range in requirements from our large production team that delivered the content at the All-England Badminton World Championships to the smaller one person, one camera shoots that we deliver on a monthly basis.

No matter the scale of the project, we always use a skilled crew with top quality equipment to deliver the best results for your project.


Back to the studio.

All projects are completed back at our studio in Leeds. Our team of post-production experts work closely to produce the best product possible for our clients. From animation to colour grading this is where we bring the story to life. We work closely with our clients and ensure they are involved every step of the way.

Our Team

Get Your Media has a dedicated team who work out of our studio in Leeds, West Yorkshire.


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